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Ready to buy some new shoes?

Hunters Hill Podiatry can help you find the right pair for each individual person's needs! .

Everyone is different and therefore has different needs and considerations when buying shoes. It is important to consider that not every shoe is right for everyone, this is where your Podiatrist can help you!

Following these quick and simple steps can help ensure that your shoe is of a reasonable quality and fit but should be used in combination with your Podiatrist advice.

1/ A good, supportive shoe bends where your foot bends - at the toes and nowhere else. If you shoe can bend in half, in may be time to reconsider!

2/ When choosing a shoe, remove the inner sole and place it on the ground. Now when standing on it barefooted, if your toe are wider than the inner sole, this shoe is likely too narrow for you!

If you would like advice or an assessment of your shoes, make an appointment with Hunters Hill Podiatry today!

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